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The new and improved My Pet Laser 2.0 is a powerful, safe and convenient option for treating hundreds of common veterinary conditions at home.

My Pet Laser 2.0
    Reduce Pet Stress
    Fast Pain Relief
    Safe and Easy to Use
    25W of Peak Super Pulsed Power
    Pulsing Red, Infrared Radiances
    Multiple Treatment Modes
    Rechargeable Battery
    Protective Travel Silicone Sleeve

Super Pulsed Laser

The super pulsed laser (905nm) produces high powered light in billionth-of-a-second pulses. The power of each pulse drives the photons deep into the target tissue. Multi Radiance Medical technology creates a high photon density, strongly reducing pain and improving micro-circulation.

Infrared SLDS

Pulsed broad band infrared emitting diodes (850nm) penetrate shallower tissue depths than the laser
but provide a broader spectrum
of coverage.

Pulsed Red LEDs

Pulsed red light (660nm) penetrates shallower depths but exerts a strong influence on acute injuries, reducing pain quickly.

Static Magnetic Field

Static magnetic field keeps ionized molecules of tissue in a dissociated state, enhancing the body’s potential to absorb energy.


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My Pet Laser 2.0

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My Pet Laser 1.0

Power (Peak): 25W 15W
Laser Safety Class: 1 1
Treatment Modes: 5 3
Color Display: Yes No
DOSE Indication Lights: Yes No
FDA-Cleared for Home Use: Yes Yes


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  • Three times the power of the original My Pet Laser for faster treatments
  • Increased pre-programmed settings to treat more conditions
  • Color LED screen to easily display treatment mode selection, dose timer countdown, and battery life
  • High and low dose indication lights for more accurate treatments
  • Cordless, portable and lightweight for treatment anytime, anywhere
  • Rechargeable battery
  • FDA-cleared safe for at-home use
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What’s Included

  • 1 My Pet Laser (15,000 mW)
  • 3 Carrying Case
  • 4 2 Pairs of Laser Goggles
  • 7 Operating Manual
  • 6 Industry Best 2-year Limited Warranty
  • 7 Quick Reference Guide
  • 7 Treatment Protocol Manual


Jessica Rychel, DVM
Rental lasers have been a tremendous addition to our rehabilitation and acupuncture practice. Having these safe and effective lasers available for home-use for our clients has helped us improve comfort and recovery times for many of our patients. Owners enjoy being able to get involved and this gives them a way to help impact the healing process. Not only do these rental lasers make for improved patient care, but they also make good business sense. Our fleet of rentals just keeps growing!

Jessica Rychel, DVM

Fort Collins Veterinary Emergency & Rehabilitation Hospital

Stacey Huber, DVM
Multi Radiance Medical adds a safe effective new therapy for my patients. I use it for a wide range of conditions, especially arthritis.

Stacey Huber, DVM

Owner, Oasis Animal Hospital

Deb Brown, DVM
I have used it on painful anal glands with success, and have added it to my protocol after acupuncture for disc problems and have seen faster pain relief.

Deb Brown, DVM

Pequot Lakes Animal Hospital

John Charos, DVM
We have 12 rentals, 18 total Lasers. Great product, brings lot of patient pain relief, a home run.

John Charos, DVM

Central Veterinary Associates

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